What does LOOK mean?

A look is a change in appearance: it may be an alteration of clothing, lighting, make-up, hairstyle, or any combination of these factors. It is a sequence of photos that embodies a particular role that you play in the picture. Treat each look like a different TV or film role. On average, one look session has around 50 shots.

How many looks do I need for my headshots?

Let me give you some hints about how many looks you need to do.

1)  If you already know what show or movie you are applied for and what character are you going to play, then choose 1 look + 1 retouch for this particular character. 

2)      In real life actors apply for many roles in movies and shows of different genres. In that case the more looks you have in your portfolio the more chances you’ll get a call for an audition.

So, I would suggest having at least 5 to 7 up-to-date headshots in your portfolio.  


How much time does a headshot session take?

We will spend roughly 1 hour for the first look since make-up and wardrobe selections take time. After that, each subsequent look takes around 30 minutes.


What kind of clothing should I bring?


You provide your own wardrobe. This may be items from your closet, borrowed from a friend, or purchased for your session. Since the headshot will primarily focus on the face and upper body, you need to pay special attention to tops.  

Keep your clothing simple. Mid-tone solid colors work best. Avoid busy patterns that can distract attention from your face. Try to pick something that sits well on your shoulders and flatters your neckline. When you are shooting in several outfits, the tops of different colors, styles, and necklines will add your appearance in pictures a greater variety.  

As a headshot photographer, I can give my clients a professional advice regarding any style elements that make your shots bright and memorable while remaining focused on your eyes and natural beauty. 


What about makeup?

Hair and makeup is not included in the session price.  So, many actors ask me if they really need to pay additional fee  for a makeup artist.

Most of the time men can get by without using professional hair and makeup, but I recommend a powder or foundation to keep face from looking shiny. The same rule is for kids.


However, I do highly recommend professional makeup for all of my female clients .

I do not recommend everyday makeup for headshots. It’s diminished by at least 30% through a camera lens, which may result in dull or pale-looking skin and features. Unprofessional makeup can cause your face to look shiny or uneven in photographs. Professional makeup includes skin prep and full makeup application using high-quality makeup and techniques that are perfect for photography. Besides, professional makeup artist stays on set during the shoot to keep an eye out for fly-away hair, twisted straps, awkward creases in outfits. 

I can book one of my professional makeup artist for your session if you would like. I need to book makeup in 48 hours prior the session.   


If you’re really confident you can prime your skin, apply makeup lightly so it’s hardly noticeable and you can create beautiful seamless gradients between light and shadows that contours your features, then yes you can do your own make up. 

How do I prepare for a headshot?


 Simply put, be prepared to look your best:

  • Drink a lot of water and be well rested so you will not have dark circles under your eyes;

  • Eat light and healthy on the day of the shoot to avoid feeling bloated or hungry;

  • Rehearse at home in front of a mirror. Practice poses and expressions.


What is your availability?  

It's best to book your session about two days in advance to request day.

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